We offer integrated solutions for modelling and analysing systems and data in a variety of fields. We assist clients and partners in developing models of the systems to be analysed, design the protocol that will be used to gather the data, decide on the location and technology of the necessary sensors and collect data from mobile devices. We assist and enhance system insight by using simulation or modelling techniques, custom for the specific analysis, and also apply simulation optimization techniques to improve the current operational settings. We apply state of the art data mining, machine learning and optimization techniques to condense large amount of hard to interpret data into information valuable for the decision maker. We invest in knowledge and that is exactly what we are trying to offer to our clients: the power to make the most of the available knowledge integrated in their databases, systems and procedures.

Biomedical Applications

We have long experience in the analysis of biomedical systems and signals and biomedical data in general. We provide integrated solutions through the whole process of biomedical data analysis. That process includes system modelling, data filtering and de-noising, feature extraction, feature selection and finally knowledge generation. We use traditional as well as state of the art biomedical signal and image processing techniques and data mining methods that can unveil valuable information hidden in signals and data.

Engineering Systems

We have solid understanding of engineering systems and long experience in the analysis of systems and signals. We provide integrated condition monitoring solutions and help clients reduce unnecessary maintenance, minimize downtime due to unexpected failures and evaluate their energy consumption profile. We can assist clients perform effective Condition Based Maintenance, improve energy performance and optimize strategies by applying computational intelligence techniques to data collected from their systems.

Intelligent Management and Logistics

We provide consulting services for the optimization of existing management and logistics systems, but also design turn-key intelligent systems. In modern management, efficiency plays a crucial role. We assist managers to achieve that by modelling and optimizing processes and by extracting knowledge from data in order to take better decisions.